Chris Lippe

Chris’ journey began in San Diego, CA and continues there today. While attending San Diego State University, he started his first company, eventually selling it 15 years later.

Today he owns four companies primarily in the lifestyle and healthcare space. Fascinated with United States history, he travels the country visiting historic sites, museums, and places of interest. Chris continually strives to learn from his interactions with people from across America.

He is also a passionate father, supporting his two children in all their endeavors, believing in Parental Commitment. He is the Co-Founder of “1776 Forever Free”, a community organization which promotes supporting the Constitution of America and the Freedoms it provides us.

Dr. Cordie Williams

Dr. Cordie Williams is a leader in the Chiropractic profession, a U.S. Marine, and a professional speaker. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Cordie felt his constitutional freedoms and those of so many other Americans were being violated by the state of California, so he took action. Dr. Cordie picked up a Megaphone and began speaking at protests all over California.

Dr. Cordie’s speech in Sacramento on May 1st at the State Capitol received 8.2 million hits on Facebook and is estimated to have received over 15 million views across all platforms. 

These events emboldened Dr. Cordie to found the 1776 Forever Free organization in order to continue protecting freedom for all Americans.