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About 1776 Forever Free Chapters

1776 Forever Free Chapters exists to:

  • Enforce freedom in local communities and counties.
  • Mobilize the community to bring political and social change through grassroots activism.
  • Provide solutions and engagement actions to address tyrannical issues at the local and state government level and school board meetings.
  • Uphold and support the constitutional rights of all Americans regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, or creed.
  • Provide weekly online and in-person patriot education on the establishment of America’s national government, the fundamental laws, and our guaranteed basic rights for all citizens known as The Constitution of the United States signed on September 17, 1787.
  • Provide tabling and distribution of 1776 Forever Free informational materials at local rallies and events.
  • Identify local leaders providing training to run for office.

1776 Forever Free Chapter Requirements​

  • A 1776 Forever Free Chapter Leader 18 years or older.
  • Physical location for weekly meetings such as a Church, home, or office space.
  • Weekly streaming of 1776 Constitution Class followed by Q&A with Dr. Cordie Williams.
    • West Coast Chapters:
      • Meetings every Thursday from 6PM to 7PM PST with Constitutional Instructor Douglas V. Gibbs.
    • East Coast Chapters:
      • Meetings every Wednesday from 6PM to 7PM EST with Constitutional Instructor David Oldham?

“The Constitution is about choice. When you take away choice, you take away the Republic.”

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This is a movement to empower our fellow Patriots to recognize societal issues, inspire others, and most importantly take action.
We need Patriots to bring Freedom back to our world for future generations.