Tour Request

You asked for it! You got it! Please review the sponsorship levels below and contribute and/or fundraise to bring an event to your area. Please complete the following, quick questionnaire, 
There are many ways you can assist and make this wish a reality; by securing a venue, an event rental company (for stage and sound), security services and, depending on the location, block room rates for speaker and VIP accommodation as well as recruiting local and online volunteers!
Our staff will closely assist you in your goals to bring us to you!

BRONZE: Reserve tent/open air location for product/food/merchandise.
SILVER: Inclusive of bronze, mention/introduction on stage - Shout out and stage promotion.
GOLD: Inclusive of bronze and silver, mention/logo on our website.
NATIONAL: Inclusive of bronze, silver, gold. All national sponsors/partnerships will receive all of the above, plus partnership mention on all of our flyers (each city/state) and social media marketing, radio, TV, podcast, ads/materials, and sale of merchandise (booth/tent)