About Operation "z"

The “Operation Z” movement and mission was born when long-time 1776 Forever Free friend – now President of Social Media outreach, Alex Stone, came to the 1776 Founder Dr. Cordie Williams with an idea.

As a Gen Z’er himself, Alex Stone has been on the frontlines of changing and challenging the narrative of the entrenched establishment’s anti-American Communist movement that has started to erode our cherished country and Constitution. Alex personally saw how much classrooms, schools, and educators were influencing young minds with woke propaganda.

Alex took action and dug a little deeper to find out the cause of this anti-American epidemic. As a social media influencer himself, he quickly found out that the current administration’s was using TikTok to reach the 12-25 year old Gen Z age bracket to push their woke narratives.

As Alex dug even deeper, he began to realize that Joe Biden had brought in almost a 100 influencers to the White House with a combined TikTok reach of 67 MILLION. He knew at that point that this was a real fight that no one was trying to win – except the people that do not value the Constitution…. and that this battle would be fought and won with young minds at a grass roots level. That’s when Alex contacted Cordie and the 1776 GenZ concept was born!

General Flynn Introduces Alex Stone and Dr. Cordie Williams

The Democrat Strategy

The Use of TikTok to Gain the Generation Z Vote

The Democrat party has realized the total importance of the Generation Z vote for the past few elections. In this realization, they are tapping into different resources that the Republican party is not tapping into. Their plan is made abundantly clear in the following articles.

The Democrat party is using young people to get the young people to vote. The way that they are doing this is through TikTok. We believe that conservatives need to and should do the same thing. Without the Generation Z vote, we cannot bring in a President that backs the constitution and the 1776 belief systems. We believe that our constitutional Republic will be no more if we do not capture young minds and ensure that they embrace patriotic values, constitutional values, and biblical values. With the weaponization of the DOJ and the persecution of select political figures that don’t align with the current regimes principles. It’s clear to the entire team at 1776 Forever Free that shaping the minds of Generation Z is essential for saving our kids.

Two of the most prominent influencers that the Democrat party is using to infiltrate the minds of young people are; Harry J. Sisson and Chris Mowrey. Both of these 20 year olds are managed by Palette Management.

The DNC paid Palette Management $10,000 on 08/04/2022 with the description of “Online Advertising”and then paid Palette $200,000 on 10/19/2022 with the description of “Paid Media”. The two biggest influencers who work with Palette Management just so happen to be two of the loudest Democratic voices on TikTok (Harry and Chris). We believe there is a high probability that this $200,000 went to Harry and Chris. We found proof of this payment on the FEC (Federal Election Commission) website. Please see here.

Stone Rule #65

“Use the internet to do with thousands of dollars what once required millions.”

The fact of the matter is that the people that want to end our Republic as we know it are playing by that rule, in order to sway votes to the left. We NEED to do the same thing or we WILL lose our country.

What We Can Do?

The same thing that the democrats are doing, but bigger and better. We need to fundraise so we can pay not 1 or 2, but 10-20 Generation Z conservative voices to combat the liberal media on TikTok. They want to use liberal propaganda and lies, so let’s let them do it, but we fight back using conservative propaganda and TRUTH!

Key People and Players

General Flynn

The Military Strategy and mastermind to help make this successful.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone

The Political strategy to pitch this to politicians and get them behind this idea

Clay Clark

Clay Clark

Business strategy so this can be scaled and done with excellence

Ann VanderSteel

Ann VanderSteel

Media Initiative

Alex Stone

Alexander Stone is a 19 year-old conservative/Christian influencer. Is the host of an independent podcast called A StoneWall’s Perspective. Alex is mission is to spread the light of the gospel into every aspect of life including the things that people do not like to discuss such as politics. Alex has had the opportunity to go across the United States to preach and speak at numerous different events such as the ReAwaken America tour, the faith and freedom conference, the Determined Patriotism, conference, and many more. Alex has interviewed many notable got guests, such as General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Kari Lake, Congressman, Mark Alford, and many more. Alex has been on many shows, such as Remnant Radio, The Right Side, The Zelenko Report, Right Now, and a weekly segment on The Stone Zone.

Dr. Cordie Williams/1776 Forever Free

Early stage grassroots mobilization/pitching my idea, Fundraising and taking the lead on hiring.






This needs to be promoted all over the place. We have teased it briefly on Alex’s show, “Stone Wall’s Perspective,” “His Glory,” and “The Stone Zone.” We need more than just media, however. I believe that this needs to be promoted at EVERY ReAwaken America Tour Event starting in Vegas. After this is pitched at the first big event, it needs to have a strong media initiative. My goal is to get this on InfoWars, Lindell TV, and ultimately promoted by President Trump.



Fundraising NEEDS to occur. There needs to be enough money raised to pay Generation Z influencers for doing work to save our country. The DNC is funding this for Liberal Gen Z influencers and we need to do the same thing. $250,000-$500-000 is a good starting number that would be able to pay multiple conservative influencers for their work.


Interviewing Potential Generation Z Candidates For Influencer Roles

Without strong generation z candidates to help with this initiative, we are going to lose our country. These people need to be strong willed, like-minded conservatives, with the goal of getting President Trump re-elected in 2024. I, Alex Stone, have already found potential candidates for this, but there needs to be a strong interview and vetting process so no one screws us over.


Selecting the Candidates

Once the candidates have been interviewed, we need to select them very carefully. Once selected, work needs to be done immediately.



Just as the democrat influencers are promoting propaganda, we also need to promote truthful propaganda and we need to be loud and clear about it without diving deep into controversial topics such as election fraud or covid vaccinations. Those two topics will get influencers banned if noticed by certain platforms.


Meeting With President Trump, General Flynn, and Roger Stone

The DNC sponsored trips to Washington D.C. for their influencers to meet with Barack Obama, Joe Biden in the Oval Office, and a tour of the capitol building and Supreme Court Building. The reason they did this was to not only incentivize each of their influencers, but also get them on the same page to unite under one goal: winning every election moving forward. Each of the conservative influencers who are selected for this initiative will need to meet with President Trump, General Flynn, Roger Stone so that we can move forward with strategy and precision. We need to unite under the same goal, which is to save our country.



With successful execution and quick mobilization of each of these steps, WE WILL WIN! There is NO TIME TO WASTE!
Will You Support This Cause To Save This Nation?