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November 20, 2020
Fellow Patriots!  We are in a critical time.  It is more important than ever to stand up against corruption!  We have been busy with the people of Arizona, California, DC, and now Georgia to raise our voices against fraud and the corruption against our President and democratic election process!Dr. Cordie Williams will be in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow with two important events!
If you’re in San Diego, you can join our 1776 Forever Free Team at this weekly rally in Poway!
Look how beautiful!

San Diego, California recently came together to support our President! 
Phoenix, AZ is really showing up for their President & country and we were blessed to participate with them!
Our very own Megaphone Marine was able to participate in the Million MAGA March in Washington DC, meet Rep. Vernon Jones, & speak at a Walk Away Rally with Brandon Straka and other wonderful Patriots!
How well do you know the Constitution?!
We are presenting our Freedom Fighters a super special & unique opportunity to become well versed in this most sacred document with Constitution classes!!! Can’t wait to see you there! 
1776 Forever Free and The Freedom Tour USA are proud to announce an exciting partnership with the exceptional Patriot and American Leader, Young Pharaoh!!!  As we wrap up the tour in Washington DC, we will march side by side with the one and only Young Pharaoh and a sea of Patriotic Americans as we bring attention to taking our country back and draining the swamp!  We would love to see every one of you there with us proudly sporting this special edition shirt on that historic day! 

The #MegaphoneMarine is nothing without his backwards hat!
So… 1776 Forever Free is excited to share our very own hats with you!  Check them out!

We’ve Got Our Shirts!!

We are proud to partner with Today is America on our very own The Freedom Tour USA shirt!  Whether you want to remember your participation in our tour or help to support it from your hometown, we invite you to rock these new tees! 
 Support 1776 Forever Free with an apparel purchase at:
We have many more styles and items to choose from!
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1776 Forever Free would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors for helping to make all these amazing events possible!

1776 Forever Free is a grass-roots movement, a community organization, which promotes supporting the Constitution of America and the Freedoms it provides us. Any contribution amount helps towards this effort.

$25helps us get t-shirts to powerful influencers 

$50gains us a tank of gas to get to your town 

$150 covers the cost of the VIP speakers’ accommodations to speak to you

Our events are always FREE to you so your gifts, contributions and volunteer efforts help keep it this way. We can’t do it without you!


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